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The Benefits of Self-Selection

I feel good about giving guidance to the students who decide to purchase their own notebooks, and I am extremely happy with the results. Unequivocally, the students that select their own notebook have more focus, care, and higher quality of writing than those who select the free composition book. Self-selected notebooks are much less likely to be thrown on the floor or crammed in a desk. Ownership is a powerful method to making the most of your child's writing and much has been written on the positive effects of having children choosing something as simple as a writer's notebook.

I always enjoy selecting my own writer’s notebook and find I am quite picky with the selection process. My notebook is the single most important writing tool I have (followed by literature), so I know there is more to offer students than a composition book with an option to decorate it. Creating life-long writers is not an easy task, but just making students aware of self-selection for a notebook is a great step to increasing the desire to really write and take ownership.

Characteristics to Consider

Aside from a few guidelines, I really leave the decision up to the student as to which notebook they decide to purchase.

1)  The notebook pages need to be large enough to write potentially 100 words on.

2)  The notebook itself should have at least 50 pages in it. If the notebook is too skinny you will end up buying several throughout the year.

3)  The notebook must be something you will enjoy writing in daily. So put some thoughtful consideration into the style and composition of it.

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