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Mrs. Keller's Homework Policy and Philosophy (PDF File)

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Homework Tips for Parents

Dear Parents:
(Just so you know!) I do not give homework for the sake of giving homework, ever. Each homework assignment is given with intention to either complete a project started in class, or to reinforce a skill taught that day in class (typically for math). I feel that elementary students need down time after school and should have a life, especially since research doesn't support a correlation between increased homework and increased performance with elementary students. If homework ever becomes overwhelming, or you find it consuming your evening, please contact me quickly so we can come up with an alternative plan.

Each week's homework is listed on the weekly e-newsletter. In class your child will receive a weekly planner page which students can turn in (optionally) on the following Monday to receive class money. Students are expected to write homework assignments on their planners daily. If a student should lose their planner, a new one may be printed from the newsletter, or requested in class.

You are always welcome to take home a textbook or ask for additional resources. Homework length can range anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes a night, Monday thru Thursday (sometimes work will have to be completed over the weekend). I've found students succeed best when a regular, consistent homework schedule is decided upon at home and when some sort of planner or calendar is used.

I want to make sure you have time allotted in your evening schedule to: eat dinner together, talk, work on areas of interest and/or need, and read!

What to expect:

-Unfinished classwork becomes H.W. and is due the next morning (unless otherwise stated)

-Roughly every 4 weeks a project will be assigned that students will have to work on at home. I will give plenty of notice in this case.

-Occasional social studies and science work will be assigned that does not get finished in class -Monday through Thursday students can usually expect to have a math homework assignment (due the next day)-- This year, homeworks will be available to print from online when you log in to PowerSchool (more info to come). Feel free to print them as needed- though I encourage your child to bring home the nightly homework from class and not rely on these as a means to collect the homework. Running out of printer ink isn't an excuse for missing homework! :)

-30 minutes (at least) of reading homework nightly (assigned Monday thru Friday)

As the year progresses, If you want more resources for at home help, please get in-touch with me! If any of you want to create individual plans for your child in the area they need extra support, I am more than willing to facilitate this. I appreciate this help more than you can ever know! Thank you.

-Mrs. Keller

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